How to share your digital creations online

Most online galleries, have file size restrictions, that require you to reduce the size of your layout, if you wish to upload, and share in those galleries.

When I am ready, to prepare a layout for upload, after saving my file, the first thing I do I merge all the layers. This step is not necessary, most of the time, but once in awhile, I have found for some strange reason, when I try to resize all layers at the same time, not all layers will resize the same way. To avoid any issues, that I might not notice right away, I merge the layers before resizing.

In Paint Shop Pro I choose, image, resize, and set the dimensions to 600x600 pixels and click ok.

Next, select file, export as jpg, change compression value to 7, and click ok.

Select the file you want to save your image to, I have a file named uploads, name your image and click ok.


 Now, go to an online digital scrapbooking gallery of your choice, and select upload, usually in the upper right of your screen. Select your file or files, enter your credits, as outlined on each site, and upload (usually, by clicking OK).

It is polite, when sharing your layouts in online galleries, to leave comments on layouts created by others. My rule of thumb, is at least one comment per layout I upload. In addition, when people comment on my layouts, I make a point of leaving comments, on their layouts as well. We all appreciate a little love, and recognition, and I have a number of online friends, whom I "met" this way.

Tip1: When naming your image, be sure to pick something, that tells you it is an image for uploading, not for printing. When I prepare a layout for uploading, I usually give it a name, similar to the kit I used, followed by a number relating to the amount of layouts I made, and the word upload. For example, I made 3 layouts using Easter Digital Scrapbooking Kit, by Scrapvine, I would name my layouts Easter_1_Upload, Easter_2_Upload, Easter_3_Upload. Note that I do not add the file extension, .jpg. I have already told my computer this is going to be a jpg file when selecting export as jpg.

Tip 2: Some galleries require even smaller upload files, if needed follow the steps above, but resize your image to 450x450 pixels instead. So far, I have not found a need for a file smaller than that.

You can also upload your resized images to Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, and more!

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